Why should I cleanse?

Our busy world and fast-moving society subject our bodies to toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, stress and overly rich foods. By partaking in a juice cleanse, you're giving your body a break from constant processing, digesting and working overtime.  This break is what your body needs to expel all the unwanted toxic substances and fat.

Many people suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, depression, aches and pains, joint issues, headaches, stubborn weight gain, bad breath and bad skin. These are all signs that your poor body is overloaded with toxins. If you suffer from any of the above, you are the perfect candidate for a full body detox!.

Can I customize my cleanse?

Absolutely, you can make any adjustments to our Tokyo Juice Cleanse. Please let us know what you prefer in the comment section at checkout.

Can I exercise during a cleanse?

Yes! Working up a healthy sweat will release toxins through your pores. Just be smart about it. Listen to your body and don’t over do it. We recommend brisk walks and yoga!

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

While cleanses are a great way to boost your health, we don’t recommend them to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. During this time, it's important your body is getting sufficient calories to meet the developmental needs of the growing baby in your belly as well as milk production while breastfeeding. When in doubt, consult your doctor first!

What can I eat or drink during a cleanse?

Drink lots of water during a Cleanse! Cleanses are meant to be just juice but if you need a little "something" you can try a handful of nuts, half of an avocado or a glass of salt water. We recommend removing all caffeine and alcohol during a Cleanse.

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