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Consulting – Let's elevate your business plans: With our vast experience running Tokyo Juice, we've got your back. From designing new recipes to planning your menu and getting your juice business off the ground, we've got the scoop to help you succeed.

Workshops – Let's inspire your team with healthy living insights: Invite us to your office or event for a casual session on integrating wellness into work and home life. Our 2-hour workshop explores the benefits of our offerings, treats you to tastings of our cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies, and shares simple holistic lifestyle tools to brighten your everyday experiences.

Juice-to-Office – Boost your office vibe with our healthy juices and snacks: We're all about spreading wellness at work. Let's shake up your office routine with a custom Tokyo Juice experience. Our juices, nut mylks, superfood smoothies, and cleanses are all about giving you that extra pep, boosting immunity, and keeping you feeling tip-top. Grab our tasty juices, immunity shots, smoothies, snacks, and cleanses whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Catering & Events – Spice up your next gathering: Pamper your guests with our cold-pressed juices, nut mylks, or superfood smoothies, perfect for meetings, parties, or off-site get-togethers. Our treats never fail to impress, offering a healthy boost and a contagious smile.

Please submit all your inquiries to: hello@tokyojuice.co.jp

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