Why Juice?


Quick… when was the last time you had a big salad?  We know you’re a busy bee, but even bees need nutrients.  Unhealthy foods are faster and easily accessible but they leave you feeling heavy and tired.  Our bodies need around 500 grams of raw fruits and vegetables to function properly and provide us with the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and trace proteins we need for healthier living.  Juicing is the perfect way to supplement your daily intake and to keep you healthy, energized, and rehydrated. Along with being a great meal substitution, it also helps replenish dead cells, wards off sickness, combats fatigue, promotes healthier bodies, lungs, and hearts and is the perfect detox to give your digestive system a break from poor food consumption.  Consuming fruits and veggies also allows your body to heal, repair and restore and juicing is the perfect grab-and-go meal that won’t set you into a state of food coma.

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